Monday, October 17, 2011

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

That's some crazy drink right there...

When Pearl, a bloodthirsty, teenage vampire, unexpectedly gets stabbed by a rainbow-tooting wereunicorn, she develops the ability to be out in the sunlight. It's a helpful ability when trying to lure in humans to be oh, I don't know, feasted on in an age-old king's coming of age ceremony. Lucky for Pearl's vampire family, the honored host of this event, Pearl has gained her Daywalker status in time to be of some use. There is one problem the Family did not anticipate getting in the way. The problem being Pearl starting to think maybe, just maybe she would much rather be with her forbidden human crush than become a mass murderess. Gaining a conscience can be a bitch.
  I didn't know whether to place Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst on the top of my reading list or the bottom. So, to work through this little dilemma of mine, I made a pros and cons list:

  • Vampire. The only vampire for me is a academy vampire. None others can possibly compare. If I find a vampire that can even halfway measure up to Rose's tendency to be kick-butt amazing, I'll eat one of these.
  • As awesome as I think the cover is, the general population of my school would think it's creepy-looking and inevitably ask me what Drink, Slay, Love is about. It's an example if a deplorable situation for all ya'll PSAT takers. I will use the phrase "stabbed by a wereunicorn" in my summary, and either the person will think "wereunicorn" is as awesome a word as I do, or said person will blink very slowly then leave me. Alone. Forever. Not fun.
  • Drink, Slay, Love is by SARAH BETH DURST. SARAH BETH DURST. I am love with Enchanted Ivy's blend of supernatural and sarcasm.
  •  Wereunicorn. Even as a young child, I had always known that my goal in life was to be one-third unicorn, one-third human, and one-third owl. A wereunicorn is, like, two-thirds closer to my goal.
         The choice finally got made for me when I got sent a review copy. (Thanks, Sarah Beth Durst!)

The characters of Drink, Slay, Love all have the personality and spunk I love, even the villains.  Matt, wannabe vampire hunter, video-game lover, my favorite, has a quirky make-ya-wanna-smile response for everything and so do the others. It was impossible to discreetly read Drink, Slay, Love-- I had a perpetual smile going on the entire book.

          And Pearl... (I do not wish to eat a bug...) passes the Rose test. Although she keeps her sarcastic attitude the whole way through, it made me happy and somewhat giggly to spot the subtle changes in Pearl's thoughts and actions that signified her new found conscience.

    I give Drink, Slay, Love five stars. THIS is a book I can read over again.

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