Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Emily Winters is crushing hard on the deep, soulful Zach McCord, and she is positive that he has feelings for her, too. Em feels awful about the fact that Gabby, her best friend, is already dating Zach, but she knows that he deserves better. Em is better.

Chase Singer wants nothing more than to forget his past. When he meets the gorgeous and mysterious Ty, he leaps at a chance to forget it all. He never expects to fall in love. But instead of helping him forget, Ty makes him remember his horrible past even more. Chase is sorry about what happened, and Em wishes Gabby could forgive her.

But sometimes sorry and begging for forgiveness isn’t good enough. The Furies live to make them pay.

I was sucked into Fury from the first page. I loved the detail-oriented writing. You know the “oh-just-one-more-page” books? Well, Fury is an “oh-just-one-more-sentence” book. I tried to stop, but every sentence begged me to keep on reading. The writing allowed me to feel closer to the characters then I do in most third-person narratives.

Em-the-boyfriend-stealer and Chase-the-player are two characters that don’t seem to be likable, but I ended up loving them both. They (obviously) have their flaws, and at times I loved to hate them (Hello, Em? Does the phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” ring any bells? Of course not, you… you ninny). Other times I wanted to forgive them because I could see that, despite everything, they didn’t deserve what was happening to them. No one does.

The only reason why I can’t give Fury the full five stars is because of the paranormal aspect. Fury is kinda, sorta supposed to be paranormal, I guess, but for the beginning and middle of the book I would’ve classified it as a mysterious drama with slight paranormal undertones. In the last quarter, I felt that Fury plays a rushed game of catch-up on the paranormalacy part of the novel. It partway succeeds.

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will love Fury’s thickly suspenseful drama. I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the trilogy, Envy. Four and a half figmentstars.

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  Sorry for being absent on this whole month. A reasonable excuse would be that I just started high school, and my thoughts are now constantly swinging between, "this isn't so hard compared to middle school, why did everyone make a big deal out of this?" And, also, "why in the world did I take an AP and a seminar as a FRESHMAN? If I was really smart enough to pass those classes, I wouldn't have taken them." That is my impressive fake excuse.

   My real reason: I got addicted to Lost. Any other Lost fans here? On that last episode I bawled... So really, I have no excuse.

But no worries!

I'm baaack!