Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

Super-smart Kate Grable has an okay life playing doctor to her high school’s football team. I mean, managing football players looks good on college apps, right? No way is she “doctoring” the losing football team just so she can breathe the same air as her unattainable quarterback crush, Aaron. No way. Kate is too smart for that.

But Kate’s insider status means she’s the first to find out that the football coach has been giving the players a creepy steroid that turns them into mindless, flesh-eating, football-playing zombies. Kate knows she needs to find a cure, preferably before the zombies kill everyone.

Ehem…I have a confession to make. I discriminate against short books. There, I said it. To put it in simple terms: I like big books and I cannot lie. At first I was wary of the length (or lack thereof) of Bad Taste in Boys. But it was about zombies. Football playing zombies. Alas, I was too weak to resist. Not all short books have “short book issues,” but Bad Taste in Boys, sadly, has some. I think that the novel could have been better if it had more room to develop. The beginning and the ending both needed some fleshing (sorry, couldn’t resist) out.

Although it took some time getting into the story, I managed to fall in love with Kate’s character. She knew when to break out her lab kit and when to use her plastic sword to show the zombies who’s boss. The sarcastic voice of the novel had me smiling all the way through while the creepy gore kept me “ewwing.” There was a dismembered foot in the underwear drawer. Nuff spoken.

But can you guess my absolute favorite part of Bad Taste in Boys? My absolute favorite? NO STEREOTYPICAL CHEERLEADERS! There was actually a nice cheerleader. I get really annoyed when a book has a stereotypical slutty, popular cheerleading team in it. Because guys, cheerleaders are people too. With personalities and stuff. Sorry, I can get really worked up over that.

So, if you are looking for a funny, light zombie read with plenty of creepiness involved, Bad Taste in Boys is your book. Four Figmentstars.

This review is also posted on Figment, the awesome teen-centered writing site.


  1. Thanks for the cheerleader discussion. I've gotten so it doesn't bother me any more when cheerleaders are portrayed negatively, but I appreciate that this book is different. I'm an ex cheerleader and an ex cheerleading coach (state champs, I might add....) so I know plenty of "normal" "nice" cheerleaders...

  2. I really enjoyed this book and because it was a light, fun read, I didn't mind the shortness. But I would have liked to see more of Kate and Aaron :-). Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I want to read this one too! Great review. Like you I also prefer slightly bigger books - maybe it's a psychological thing like I am getting more for my money!

    I'll look out for this one, especially since lately I've been reading quite a few Zombie books.


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