Friday, December 28, 2012

It's been a while...

Hey. Hai. Hello. Ola. Prevyet. Gutentaug.

     It's been a while. A year, actually. Okay. So maybe when someone asks me how much longer I'm going to take putting make-up on,* and I reply "a while," no one expects me to take a year. Me taking a year might even surprise some. Some.
    As ya'll probably don't know, I started high school last year. I don't know how I got the notion,** but I felt so under pressure that adding blogging to my plate would've cracked the plate. I tried some blogging last year, but blogging isn't much fun when it's eight at night I just got back from tae kwon do, and I have an AP history paper due the next day that I haven't started yet. I only did book blogging because I liked it. There is no point to posting reviews if it causes more stress than happiness.
     My plate feels light enough for this right now. I forgot how much I loved it until I wrote a review of Angelfall for my school newspaper. Newspaper reviews are pretty to put on book covers, but writing online reviews gives me much more needed freedom. No one expects you to be so annoyingly formal all the time online. "Readers will enjoy Penryn's quick wit and kick-butt style." Nope. Not cool.
    Anyway, I have SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS TO REVIEW! (See? So cool. So casual.)
    Some of the books I need to get to include these beauties:

And so much more I have to find and dig out of the corner regions of my poor overstuffed bookshelf. 

Bye! For now! Post again in a while!

 Ha. No. I'll post back in less than a week.

(Now that I'm back on here I've realized that my profile picture looks nothing like me. Huh. Whatever. I'll fix it later.)

*Just kidding. I don't wear make-up.
**Yes I do: It was all that freaking messed-up YA contemporary I read in middle school. Thanks, Courtney Summers, thanks Laurie Halse Anderson. You guys are awesome suck. Plus the combined effort of all the middle school counselors telling us that we would either fail at high school or have no social life. Thanks. Again.

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