Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Books Read In 2010!

I probably should have put this below the looking-forward-to books, lol.

My Favorite Paranormal Romance.

Unexpectedly Really Awesome Book.

Favorite Book Without A Sparkly Vampire (Realistic Fiction)

Book That Made Me Cry A River.

Favorite Main Character.     Katsa, she is sooo kick-but. Literally!

Great LGBT Book.

Kept Me Up All Night Reading.

Favorite Cover.

A LOL Book.



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  1. OMG i LOOOOOVE those titles! hahaha so awesome. just thought i would comment again because i just loved the fact that there was no word verification :p lol yay
    and omg A Time for Dancing totally made me cry too! and katsa is amazing, you have a great selection! :)


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