Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artichokes Heart by Suzanne Supplee

Stars: 3.5

Summary from Goodreads:

 When she is almost sixteen years old, Rosemary decides she is sick of being overweight, mocked at school and at Heavenly Hair--her mother's beauty salon--and feeling out of control, and as she slowly loses weight, she realizes that she is able to cope with her mother's cancer, having a boyfriend for the first time, and discovering that other people's lives are not as perfect as they seem from the outside.

I was left with mixed feelings on the book. I wanted to love it. I did feel touched by it, but...
Some things were unbelievable. Like, Rosie's and Kyle's relationship. All Rosie seemed to be thinking was: Why would Kyle pick me? I'm so fat and ugly. I bet if I sat on a whale it would sink.... must try out this theory.... OMG I LOVE KYLE!!!
And Kyle says: You're so beautiful, and so smart. I will do ANYTHING for you.
I didn't feel a spark. I don't care if your attraction is that you both love to frolic among meadows or whatever. AT LEAST IT'S A SPARK. It feels their relationship was based on Rosie insecurities.
The good points:
I think Rosie's battle to lose weight is realistically portrayed. Before the book, I had no idea what some one with weight problems actually thought about that. The issue about weight never stuck out to me. I have friends struggling with weight, but except for the occasional comment about bathing suit season, they don't talk about it. I assumed they don't care that much.
If you can get past the flaky relationships and the slow writing, I would recommend this book.

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