Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photos that remind me of books.

These are some pictures I took that remind me of something/ an idea from a book:

This one reminds me of a fantasy book. You know, with the elves and stuff. I can't think of a specific book   (anyone? Help?) but it would sound cool described in the oldish language in fantasy books. "Thy waterfall is infested with dryads in the summer months. Occasionally they can be found preening on the lower steps of the waterfall. Vain creachers, they are." : P

This sort of reminds me of the first arena in The Hunger Games. (P.S. I just found out that the movie is going to be shot in Asheville, NC. This excites me because I can tell my grand kids that I lived in the same state that the Hunger Games movie was shot. Then they will totally be in awe of me and use me for all those "whose your hero" essays.)

This isn't quite accurate, but this reminds me of Bridge to Terabithia.  

You know Paranormalacy? The photo reminds me of where Lend's mom lives. If it wasn't a river.  

Werewolf books.

This photo just looked book-worthy.

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