Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forts: Liars and Thieves by Steven Novak

Stars: 5/5

Having survived their initial excursion into the land of Fillagrou, Tommy Jarvis and the children of the prophecy find themselves drawn into the war once more in a desperate attempt to rescue their old friends. This time however the stakes have been raised - this time there will be no coming back.


      Forts: Liars and Thieves is up there with Forts: Fathers and sons on the likability factor. But better. Read my five star review of the first book here. Enter the giveaway for the signed copy of Forts: Fathers and Sons here.

      In Forts: Liars and Thieves I could see a definite increase in the writing skills in the novel. I love when I can see an author improve writing prowess from book to book. Since Forts: Fathers and Sons was AH-mazing, I guess I'm saying Liars and Thieves is more then AH-mazing.

    I was eager to see how all the relationships that were left off in book one would progress. Especially the one between the Jarvis brothers and their dad. I was glad when the daddy-son issue got put more in the front of the book. I liked the way Tommy and Staci's crushes on each other got more fleshed out on the second book. Tommy and Staci are both young and I although I was afraid of them acting to old with the crush; they never took it too far. Plus, the chrush (thankfully) never interfered with the action.

   The third book in the Forts trilogy better come out soon. Or I am going to kick a baby. Not kidding.



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  1. I just received Forts: Fathers and Sons. I have yet to read it, but am totally looking forward to it. Can't wait to be ready to read this one too.


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