Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dan Brown awesomeness.

His website is awesome if you want to know more about the books. Really interesting if you want to get more info on his topics.

I've only read the Da Vinci Code so far:
And right now I'm in the middle of Angels and Demons (I'm liking this one a liitle bit more):

Both these books have rocked my imaginary socks off.
I know... this isn't YA. If you're only iffy about that, try it! This is the best mystery/suspence book I've read so far.

Random stuff (for people who have read the books):

... This struck me as weird: Why does the book alway begin with a dead body? 
Does his other books begin with dead bodies? (Yes, this is the detail I choose to remember.   : P )

Are there any other awesome books like these? Because, if there are, I need to read them!


  1. I def want to read both of these!!

  2. Like you I really think I liked Angels and Demons a bit more than Da Vinci Code and it was awesome. I also enjoyed Digital Fortress and Deception Point. They had the same sense of urgency and mystery, though totally different from A&D and DC.


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