Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everfound news!

A few months back I mentioned my undying love for Everlost. Now new things are being revealed.

From Neal Shusterman's website:
"So everyone wants to know what to expect in Everfound. Well, I only just finished the first draft so there will still be changes from my editor but I’m hoping those changes will be finessing what’s there, and not reinventing it. I hope that the story is mostly in place. I can’t tell you too much without giving you too many spoilers, so I’ll tell you a few important things.

The largest Everlost city has yet to be discovered. It will be discovered in EVERFOUND.

Mary Hightower, already a danger, becomes even more so in this concluding book.

There’s a new character who has the power to “extinguish” afterlights. That is basically worse than killing someone, because if you’re extinguished, you cease to exist entirely. At least one major character will be extinguished in Everfound.

The Hindenburg will not stay adrift forever.

There will be some interesting and unexpected relationships between characters, both new and existing.

And some characters who you really don’t like, you’re going to change your mind about… And some character’s who you hate, you’re going to hate even more.

Skinjackers do some pretty cool, and pretty scary things with their powers –including being able to skinjack more than one person at a time…

And you’re going to love how it all ends….

Look for Everfound in June 2011…"

*Fangirl moment*
So sad that the release date got moved : (
Any Skinjacker fans out there?
I feel lonely...

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  1. I haven't read this Everlost yet, but I just read Undwind and really really liked it. I'll have to check the rest of his books out.



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