Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie recommendations? Plus, happy Valentine's Day

OK, so we got this awesome online movie rental thingy and it has, like, EVERY movie invented.
  *confession*                                            ....I am not very "movie educated"....
The only things I've watched so far on the thingy is:
She's The Man
Ever After

They were both blogger recommended and I loved them!
Movie recommendations would be awesome. Keep it PG-13    :  D

Plus happy Valentine's Day! It's also my dad's birthday, so happy B-day to him!


  1. One of my favourite movies of all time is The Princess Bride, you've got to check that one out. It's one of those movies that pretty much everyone loves. Since the two you've watched are girly movies, I'd recommend The Princess Diaries if you haven't seen it already.

    Huh, both recs are titled The Princess (something). Weird.

  2. Finding Neverland
    The Corpse Bride
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Secret Window (I think that's PG-13)
    Across the Universe
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (If you are a super nerd like I am)

    Those are just a few off the top of my head.

  3. -The Little Mermaid (heehee)
    -Remember Me (the one with Robert Pattinson. Soo good!)
    -Sydney White
    -The Time Traveler's Wife
    -The Social Network
    -Rent: Live on Broadway
    -Life As We Know It (predictable but cute)
    -Emma (new BBC version)
    -Whip It!

    Enjoy your new rental service!


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