Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Blog Hop

Book Blogger Hop

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Here is the question of the week!:
"What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?"

I can't think of anything that changed me in a really big way, maybe a little bit ;  ). I am going to sound like a total freak but... Guardians Of Ga'hoole.
I was obsessed with these books fourth/fifth grade. Me and my (also obsessed) besties would always talk about the book on the playground. We would debate what would happen next; I literally memorized the first few pages of the book : P. I have never before, and currently after, had a serious book discussion.
It influenced me. My, now and forever, favorite animal will always be an owl. I never would have met my best friend if I hadn't gotten her interested in the books. 
I was so mad when they came out with a movie. I was like, HELLO? YOU COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS, LIKE, FOUR YEARS AGO?! Sigh... I would have literally spazzed out if they made the movie when I was in elementary school  :  (


  1. Hopping by to wish you a fabulous weekend!!

  2. Ha ha! I'm seeing that a lot of people are mentioning their favorite childhood reads! I think it's great! Have a super weekend!
    The Delusional Diaries

  3. Thanks for hopping by! Your blog seems awesome, and I love your layout!

  4. LOL. Any book that inspires that kind of adoration's gotta be good! Incidentally, my 11-year-old niece is TOTALLY into those books :)

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  5. This will probably come of something as a surprise but the book that changed/influenced my life (more than any other) is a non-fiction book. I know we all focus on novels and the fanciful fiction we love to read but The Four Work Week is the book that gets all the credit. I know the title sounds fictional but it really isn’t. Hop over to my blog and find out why –

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Day!

    Howard A. Sherman

  6. Hopping through. I haven't read Guardians of Ga'Hoole but it sounds really interesting.
    Happy weekend!
    My Hop

  7. Diana Gabaldon's "OUTLANDER" did it for me. I cannot stop reading since I read her books last October. She is the reason why I started blogging about books. Have a super weekend. I am your newest follower. Come and visit me at

  8. I LOVED the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series when I was younger! I still have the series on my shelf. Those books got me interested in owls (also my favorite creature alongside octopi) and birds in general. For books that were supposed to be at a 4th grade reading level the vocabulary was surprisingly difficult. But still awesome. <3
    I saw the movie, and even though I liked it just wasn't the same. Great answer to this week's question!



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