Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Cheers For Middle Grade

Up until a few years ago, my book diet included all MG. Today I was feeling sad for the good old days, before sparkly vampires and the all the things that YA's YA's do, so...

5. This got me interested in blogging. Yes, before I was a book blogger, I was a proud member of Stormclan, a great Warrior Clan of the Blog World. *hangs head in shame*

4. I love Found! I've reread this book sooo many times, it's not even funny.

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 3. *Sniffle* I want to be a djinn. There needs to be a plaque for this book. Maybe I should make one...

2. At the Hop last week I said I wanted to see the movie. I rented it from redbox, and I was all happy. Then I tried to watch it. THEY MESSED IT UP. UGG, I AM SCARED FOR LIFE BECAUSE OF THE WRONGNESS OF THAT MOVIE. I kept yelling that at the screen, but apparently, it didn't hear me. I had to turn it of halfway through, to avoid throwing my nail polish at the screen and ruining my manicure.

1. This ranks higher then Harry Potter. Hate to leave on a down (or up, depending on your perspective)  note, but... THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH A MOVIE FOR FABLEHAVEN. After the Gardians of Ga'hoole movie, I have completely lost faith in the movie industry to portray the book in its full awesomeness.

What's your fav middle grade?

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