Monday, January 10, 2011

One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies by Sonya Sones (review in verse)

Stars: 5

Summary:My name is Ruby.

This book is about me.

It tells the deeply hideous story

of what happens when my mother dies

and I'm dragged three thousand miles away

from my gorgeous boyfriend, Ray,

to live in L.A. with my father,

who I've never even met

because he's such a scumbag that he

divorced my mom before I was born.

The only way I've ever even seen him

is in the movies,

since he's this mega-famous actor

who's been way too busy

trying to win Oscars

to even visit me once in fifteen years.

Everyone loves my father.
Everyone but me.

This review
is going to be in verse.
One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies
is the first book I read in verse
it, was a success.
is sad, mad, confused, and most of all
LA is
Ruby Dooby wants to
go home.
She is
stuck with the father that
in her eyes
abandoned her.
At first
I was worried that
a book in verse, would be hard to read.
That I wouldn't relate to the characters.
I was wrong.
I read the
whole book in one
I loved reading about
Ruby in LA.
What happens
to her.
writing verse is fun.
try to write
a comment in verse!
Yup, I am
a total nerd.
And loving it.)


  1. Not in verse, but this book sounds good. I love the concept.

  2. I've never been particularly
    good at verse,
    but I will try
    because your review was
    to the tenth

    Not too many books
    are written like this,
    and I'm impressed
    to hear
    that it worked.

    I'm curious now.
    One of Those Hideous Books where the Mother Dies
    is a novel
    that I'll have to
    pick up.

    Er, verse fail. xD

  3. Wow, I won't even attempt it! What a creative review! I'll definitely be adding this to my list!


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