Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guess Who Hit a Hundred Followers? (Me!)

I hit one hundred followers today. *sniffle* Wow.... I never thought thought the blog would go so far.

I really want to thank each and every one of my followers for clicking on the "follow" button. For future refrence, the button is at the top left of the blog. Ohhh it's so shiny, and clicky, you shoud try it! In fact, I might just do that myself, it's so fun... *ehem*

And thanks, also, to the readers of the blog who forgot where the shiny, clickly thingie is. You're awesome just for reading. *cough* shiny, clicky *cough*



  1. Congrats, Bethany, on reaching a 100 followers! It won't be long now till you have 500. ;D

  2. Bethany,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Seriously, if you like an author, and you're interested in doing a Q&A/interview, find their contact email and send them a nice email telling them how much you love their work and you'd be honored to feature them on your blog! I haven't gotten a no yet(and that's the worse that can happen...)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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