Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love/Hate Reletionships? Hate 'em

I've never really liked love/hates. It confuses me. I mean, one second she's calling him a jerkwad, and the next they're... making out?

No sense.
At all.

Here is what I envision when I hear of a true love/hate book:

The boy and girl are at a romantic place. Let’s say, for today, it's a dock overlooking the sea. Storm clouds are gathering and the waves are beating at the beach.
" I hate you!" The girl screams dramatically.
" I can't stand you!" The boy says in a deep, sexy tone of voice (also dramatic).
The girl wraps her hands into the boy's perfectly tousled hair, and mashes her mouth into his. The boy freezes for a second, but then he kisses her back.
A huge wave splashes in the background.
 *please stand by while this Kodak moment is taking place*

"Mua! Muah!" They kissed, perfectly in sync with one another.
They pull away for just enough time for these words:
"I love you!" The girl cries dramatically.
"I love you, too!" The boy says in a deep, sexy tone of voice (also dramatic, in fact, more dramatic then the first time even).

They mash lips together once more. They would have stayed that way forever... if that pesky rain hadn’t started.  
They run, hand in hand, to a sexy, secluded spot (yes, cars count) to finish their make-out session.

They live happily ever after.

Wow.... that was funner then I expected!  NOW I know why people love to write love/hates! I'M going to write a love/hate!
But back to the subject at hand.... (omg that was fun) there has to be some attraction before-hand for me. No, an obsession with his finely chiseled abs don't count.
 As long as the book doesn't have the cliche scene portrayed above (which, sadly, a lot of books have) the love is okay.
The love/haters have to have a bonding moment. A place where they say, "Huh, he/she isn't so bad. In fact, he/she is awesome."
Is this the same for you? Or have you had a book you really liked that had a love/hate?


  1. I usually like love/hate relationships because they're funny. My example is from the TV show Gossip Girl (haha, guilty pleasures). There's two characters, Blair and Chuck who either love each other an are unbeatable or they are destroying each other with elaborate schemes. They're so alike and you never know how they will act. All you know is that they love each other and that scares them.

  2. For me it depends on how the author handles the love/hate roadtrip. I think it's okay for two characters to hate each other in the beginning of a book, but they HAVE to go through some sort of "adventure" together where they can get to know each other in order to like each other towards the end. Without the development, I can't stand those kinds of romances.
    (lovely version of a love/hate relationship, by the way. It made me giggle like crazy because in some of the books I've read that's EXACTLY how things go down. With more words, of course.) :P

  3. Hmm, interesting question! And I loved your scene there. Total crack up!
    I actually can't stand love/HATE relationships. Cause I'm nitpicking here on the word "hate." If you dislike someone *that* intensely, and then you *snap finger* fall in love with them...perhaps a bit a medication may be in order.
    HOWEVER - I do like the dislike-to-like, or the misunderstood relationships. The ones where the boy/girl start off NOT friends (but they don't 'hate' each other - again, that's a strong word!) but then gradually come to respect each other, value each other, and finally - love each other. So to answer your question: I don't like love/hate relationships where those are the only two things involved. Dislike, tolerate, appreciate, friendly, admire, trust, love...those gradual relationships are AMAZING. Love them. A good example of this would be JELLICOE ROAD and NEVERMORE. :D


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