Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Deph Look At My Rating System

6 Stars: Recently I have given out one of those. I don't expect to give out many, so I don't even have it on my sidebar. It means it put all my five star books TO SHAME.

5 Stars: If you are a long time reader if my blog, you know I give this out often. It's because I really do like most of the books I get (I only get a book if I think I will like it a lot. I guess I'm just a good picker : ). It means I would recommend it to anybody, with girlish fangirl squeals.

4 Stars: Pretty good. It's missing something a five star book has. I would maybe recommend it, but without the girlish fangirl squeals.

3 Stars: It was okay. It didn't really stick out. I could have gone without reading it. I most likely would not recommend it, except to a select group of people who like that genre, or something like that.

2 Stars: At least I could finish it. No, or little good things to say about it. I would recommend it to my worst enemy. 

1 Star: DNF, this is like a 6 star for bad books. I wouldn't wish this book upon anybody.

Tada! Pretty cool, right?


  1. The current book I'm reading reaches a one star for interesting content, two stars for creativeness, and six stars for complete awfulness. :)


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