Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements

Stars: 4

Summary from goodreads:
 Fifteen-year-old Bobby thinks he knows what it's like to be invisible-he's used to being ignored by the popular kids at school (especially the girls). Even his parents hardly seem to notice whether he's home or not. Then one morning, Bobby wakes up to find that he IS invisible. For real. He can't stop wondering if he'll ever reappear-especially when his parents wreck their car and wind up in the hospital. Now Bobby is all alone. How can he survive in a world where he can't be seen? One thing's for sure: Bobby's not going to just wait around to see if his body will decide to show up again on its own. He's got to take action. Fast.

Review: Bobby wakes up one day, invisible. It turns out, invisibility sucks. What will he do?
He ventures out into the library. He's on his merry way, when he bumps into a blind girl. Her name is Alicia. Since she can't see, she has no idea that Bobby is invisible. Bobby starts hanging out with her, and they become good friends.
Although Bobby/Alicia is a major plot line, The big one is how did Bobby become
invisible? Both Bobby (ack! I keep, accidentally, writing booby : P ) and Alicia's try frantically to find that out.
I read this book in a day. There were so many questions.
1. Why is Bobby invisible?
2. How to make Bobby visible again.
3. Don't Bobby and Alicia make a cute couple?
Overall it is a fast, fun read that I would recommend to any one.

Getting to know Alicia was a great part of the story.
I was looking for a great book with MC's that have disabilities after Girl, Stolen, and Five Flavors of Dumb.
Anyone read any good books with MC's that have disabilities?


  1. Sounds like a cool book! I'm your newest follower :)

  2. This sounds great! Unfortunately I'm in the UK and my library doesn't have it. I will keep my eyes open for it

  3. I enjoyed this one. It was a nice mix of sci-fi and contemporary. I agree with you, it was interesting learning about Alicia's blindness.


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